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Why horse?

Facilitated equine experiential psychotherapy  is  a therapy that help people with the interaction they have with the horse. Horses are good therapists because they respond accordingly to the person behaviour who interacts with them. Horses have a mirror effect, they reflect the emotions and psychological state of people in their environment. Horses act this way because they are prey animals, they pay attention to all sensory information they perceive to protect themselves from danger and stay safe. The reaction of horses to an individual is like metaphors that help to facilitate change. The horses live in the present moment, they are authentic and are comfortable with humans who behave the same. Because of their behaviour in response to people’s emotions and non-verbal language, horses can help to: become aware of their condition and behaviours; to manage anxiety, to develop honest and effective communication; to learn to trust, to assert healthy boundaries, to learn assertiveness and more. The presence of a horse is considered to be therapeutic in itself, since it is a dynamic and powerful living being.

No experience with horses is required for horse-assisted psychotherapy. Sessions are offered in a safe environment and all activities are done from the ground up.

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